How to obtain the best hockey NHL picks for tonight

 Everyone wants to get to the Stanley Cup playoffs. But facing reality, not everyone can get there. So, let's see who has the potential of getting there by looking at today's pick. ince many hockey games are played every night, we have the best NHL picks for tonight's game.

And with pandemics still kicking, lots of hockey set to play between now and the NHL playoffs might get disrupted. And that's similar to the provisional and just like other sports in 2020/21.

Tampa Bay Lightning vs. Montreal Canadiens

These two are our NHL picks for tonight's game. Tampa Bay Lightning is battling down the Montreal Canadiens to get in the Stanley Cup Finals. And this is their first finals since 1998, so they're working hard to try to get it. They have a potent offense in their favor, which we saw through the first three games where they scored 14 goals. And that number in the first three games is the fifth-most all-time to happen in the finals. So as Lightning have a rare company, they may have a high chance of winning while making history with back-to-back Stanley Cups. 

Can Montreal's defense handle Nikita Kucherov, Carey Price, and Brayden Point, or are they proving to be too much for them? Kucherov leads in the playoffs with 32 points in 21 games. Point leads first in goals with 14 in 21 games. We expect their offense to continue rolling as they proceed to Game 4. 

Price may be one of the best goaltenders globally but hasn't been playing his best so far. And in this series, Andrei Vasilevskiy has outplayed him. Price posted a 4.39 GAA against the Bolts, while Vasilevskiy posted a 1.67 GAA in the finals. So though Price allowed five goals in two games, it will not crack it in the Stanley Cup Finals. 

What Price needs to do is try to string together, at least, one great game at some point. But he has to change the way he has been playing. Also, considering Vasilevskiy's current playing, the Canadiens' offense doesn't stand a chance of scoring. So, we can see some hope in the Lightning in these NHL picks for tonight's matchup. 

How to get Today's NHL Picks?

NHL betting is not very different from that of the MLB. One of the most popular NHL wagers is via the Moneyline (ML). It's a pretty straightforward one, where a punter picks a winner or loser of the game while finding value in the Price. Similar to an MLB pitcher, what determines the NHL game lines is the goaltender matchup. You're likely to pay a premium price (-180 or more) for any NHL free pick you put on a solid goaltender.

However, this position can precisely win or lose the bet for you. Another contributing factor that can affect a bettor while finding the best NHL-free bets is fatigue. For instance, Team A might be playing their first game in a week. Then Team B happens to be in their 3rd contest in 5 nights.

NHL Picks Against the Spread

A bettor can use an NHL betting known as the puck line (PL). It has a 1.5 goal spread, and just like baseball bets, it has the run line (-1.5). These NHL wagers are super-exciting because you have to wait until the last second of the game. Then teams pull their goaltender towards the end so they can get an extra skater on the ice. And just like that, an empty-net goal can push your NHL free pick to either victory – or defeat. But in essence, betting on the puck line offers better payout odds. You also get NHL picks against the spread that can also get pushed to higher numbers, such as -2.5 or 3.5 goals. And you can even get a better return on investment.

NHL Over / Under Free Picks

But you can choose over or under the total if you wish. And this is how it works; If your line is 5.5 and you would like to place a bet on the over, total combined goals for all the games must be '6' or more than that for you to cash your ticket.

NHL over/under betting is such an intriguing wager, and you must consider goaltenders since they play a massive part in influencing the number of goals in the game. So again, the goaltender's Goals Against Average (GAA) is a crucial stat that measures the goaltender's effectiveness. 

Other Tonight’s NHL Prediction Options?

NHL parlays are a great option on both puck line plays and Moneyline. But the 'grand salami' is when you bet once on all teams. Then, you either combine to score 'over' or 'under' for a specific amount of goals.

NHL player props are also a fun bet to place on NHL picks for tonight's game. The options you have is for a player to score a goal, or a player to score a point, an assist, first and last sports goalscorer. And for these goal props, over/under can save you.

In Conclusion, with the increase in online sportsbooks, NHL live betting is also becoming very popular. You can wager each period line of NHL picks for tonight's games and watch the live-action. And these are the best picks for the NHL, playing tonight. NHL betting is mind-blowing, and each series game is damn crucial, as the players leave it on the ice

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