What is the best kitchen appliance brand in 2021?

 A kitchen is the main unit of the home where preparing different meals, making tea, baking, grilling, making juice and all other tasks related to cooking are done. Whether you have got yourself a new home or want to update your kitchen appliances along with other home appliances, you should have a look at must-have kitchen equipment which you may like to add to your collection of kitchen gadgets. Among many other kitchen appliances brands in Pakistan, today we have handpicked a few appliances for you. There are several direct-to-consumer brand in Pakistan that offers one of the best quality kitchen appliances in Pakistan at highly affordable prices. Some brands as mentioned before that are direct-to-consumer dealers have the facility of online shopping for their customers as well. Below are some appliances listed down for you that you’ll surely love.

2 in 1 blender for a quick fix

It’s time to discard your old-fashioned blender which consumes a lot of power and bring in a brand new 2-in-1 blender and dry mill which makes your cooking more easy and quick. A 2 in 1 blender has a powerful motor along with a set of removable stainless steel blades which can easily powder any hard ingredient. It comes with a large unbreakable blender jug with a top glass covering that allows you to blend big batches in one go. It also comes with a separate jar with overheat protection and is quite easy to clean. The smart design and durability make it one of the must-have kitchen equipment.

An electric kettle for easy kitchen life

The electric kettle is one of the ideal kitchen gadgets if you are a tea lover. Therefore,  you should have an electric kettle with a stainless steel body that comes with 360 degrees pirouette base for easy lifting and placing. The kettle is made up of stainless steel with concealed heating element thereby ensuring fast boiling. It has an anti-slip and heat resistant grip to prevent thermal burn so you may pour hot boiling water into your cup of tea easily. A bright LED light indicates when the kettle is turned on and the kettle automatically shuts off when the liquid gets boiled. This ergonomically designed electric kettle makes the process of water boiling convenient and safe and is one of the best kitchen products.

The other variant of this model also offers the electric kettle in glass body as it gives a stylish look as well as a perfect heat resistance.

3-in-1 juice blender for your convenience.


One of the most multi-purpose and convenient home appliances for your kitchen is a juicer cum blender which comes with 8 different functions and has a large blender capacity to make yummy smoothies or juices for the whole family in one go. It comes with a large jug and blending jar to do so. You don’t have to worry about the price of this kitchen equipment as it is in a moderate range along with many features. It comes with a powerful motor and sharp stainless-steel blades and it can be used as a grinder, juicer, blender, grater or slicer making it one of the must-have kitchen items. The blender has a wider chute and the whole fruit or vegetable can be inserted in a go without dicing it beforehand. This model is a space saver yet powerful and also has an overheat protection safety feature.

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